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There were also two political factions inside RDF which support(ed) new republicanism: Group of Conservative Social Liberals and RDF Republican Council.New republicanism supports "government of the people" (res publica), but insist on dominant role of the state and social responsibility, thereby redefining the term "republicanism" (hence "new" republicanism).New republicanism, as named by Castelli, represents a combination of economic and social liberalism, with strong emphasis on socialist views, radicalism, corporatism and conservativism.While some argue it is "a strange combination ment only to bring Castelli to power", other think that it is a right path for Rutania and for RDF.New republicans also favor effective state administration, which should be organized in terms of effective "public corporations".They also hold an opinion that all social components (such as military, companies, academic institutions, and other social, religious, economic, or popular organizations) should be considered as vital party of the society, and should be in appropriate manner be "incorporated " by the state.New republicans believe that only the official state government, which draws its legitimation from elections, posesses necessary instruments for responsible behavior of society, thereby stimulationg personal responsibility and also protecting personal liberties (which are, in terms of new republicanism, limited by social responsibility and by position of the individual inside the society).

New republicanism showed itself to be an ideology of conservativism and ultraconservativism, economic socialism and nationalization, with some elements of fascism, coporatism and supressing civil rights.The largest and most prominent mountain's are the Black Mountain Chain which run from the north of Rutania, splits Aloria and Kirlawa, split's the Dorvish regions of Largonia and Miktar and ends in the southern portion of the Dorvish region Kordusia.Split from the Black Mountain Chain is the Kurmal Mountains in Aloria.The Group of 13 is the collective name of informal meetings between various politicians, business owners and others who convene to discuss issues, politics and other things facing the Artanian continent. Blue represents nation that have a language that is based off of Dundorfian sub-cultural group. Purple represents the Hobrazian sub-cultural group and yellow represents non-cultures.Artania is a rugged continent crisscrossed by highlands and two major mountain ranges.