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25 Sep

", VH1's "Best Week Ever", "Lily Allen and Friends", "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", "Tosh.0", and "Maury" where he performed "Chocolate Rain" on national television a little over three months after he posted his composition on You Tube.Zonday, real name Adam Nyerere Bahner, is widely credited as one of the first You Tube stars.The song that ushered him into fame was a catchy number called Chocolate Rain.Early in his career, Zonday regularly performed at Balls Cabaret at The Southern Theater in Minneapolis.

But -- without being punny -- I don't know how many takes a project will take. That's like asking "what are the ingredients of a world-famous CEO? Does Chocolate Rain fame overshadow any of your other work? Most entertainers have "calling cards." William Shatner has acted in hundreds of projects, even if he is best-known for "Star Trek." I am grateful for my calling cards. Nobody wants Carlos Irwin Estevez; they want Charlie Sheen.

Tay Zonday Net Worth: Tay Zonday is an American singer, musician, announcer, voice artist, actor, comedian and You Tube personality who has a net worth of 0 thousand dollars.

Tay Zonday was born Adam Nyerere Bahner on July 6, 1982 in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he graduated from The Evergreen State College in 2004.

It's no secret that You Tube now contributes to successful incomes. Most You Tubers who make money reinvest it in people and equipment to achieve production goals.

I haven't seen anyone driving a Bugatti just to drive a Bugatti - yet.