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At this time poetry was still a dominant literary form, for both low and high literature, and its variety and accessibility further suited it to miscellaneous publication.Most medieval miscellanies include some religious texts, and many consist of nothing else.Medieval miscellanies often include completely different types of text, mixing poetry with legal documents, recipes, music, medical and devotional literature and other types of text, and in medieval contexts a mixture of types of text is often taken as a necessary condition for describing a manuscript as a miscellany.They may have been written as a collection, or represent manuscripts of different origins that were later bound together for convenience.The Trevelyon Miscellany of 1608, an oversized illustrated manuscript of 594 pages, depicts a wide range of subjects including herbal cures, biblical stories, a list of the mayors of London, proverbs, calendars, and embroidery patterns.Verse miscellanies are collections of poems or poetic extracts that vary in authorship, genre, and subject matter.

It is famous for the only text of Beowulf but also includes a life of Saint Christopher, Wonders of the East (a description of various far-off lands and their fantastic inhabitants), a translation of a Letter of Alexander to Aristotle, and the poem Judith based on the Old Testament Book of Judith.

It is one of the four Old English Poetic Codices from which the bulk of surviving Old English poetry comes, all of which can be classed as miscellanies.

The Lacnunga is a 10th or 11th century miscellany in Old English, Latin and Old Irish, with health-related texts taking a wide range of approaches, from herbal medicine and other medical procedures, to prayers and charms.

A miscellany is a collection of various pieces of writing by different authors.

Meaning a mixture, medley, or assortment, a miscellany can include pieces on many subjects and in a variety of different forms.