Who is elizabeth gillies dating now

01 Apr

However, she has been dropping hints of having a boyfriend now and then.Summing up all the clues, they finally lead up to American musician and singer/songwriter Michael Corcoran, also known as Backstage Mike.Our new favorite show is hands down, Victorious on Nickelodeon.It's about a group of friends (and a few frenemies) following their dreams to make it big while at Hollywood Arts, a special performing arts high school.One of these cast mates happened to be Ariana Grande who now plays Cat on the show!We booked Victorious together which was totally surreal.This was the fourth consecutive job we had booked together.Ariana was the only person in the cast I knew before hand, but it only took about a day for us all too really hit it off.

I had gotten to the final dance round and I was doing the audition number for the director and producers of the show along with about 20 other kids.Well if you are curious as well, let's take a close look at her life to satisfy the curiosity!Actress Elizabeth Gillies, also known as ' Liz,' is not much transparent when it comes to opening about her love life.Elizabeth, who sang Michael's song ' Okay' along with the man during the year back in 2013, is supposedly close with the guy.Although she depicts a close yet romantic bond with Michael, the truth remains unclear until any sort of confirmation from Elizabeth or Michael.