When did dwight and angela start dating

17 Mar

Ryan joined the committee to help plan the Christmas Party, and Oscar joined it to help plan his own "Welcome Back" party (The Return).

Angela was particularly hard on Phyllis during Launch Party and was left with a huge burden when Phyllis got fed up and quit the PPC.

She appears to be a prime example of an authoritarian personality.

She is also in charge of the Party Planning Committee and is often at odds with Phyllis Lapin.

She states that the two books she would bring with her to read if stranded on a deserted island are the Bible and The Purpose Driven Life.

Further, she would bring The Da Vinci Code, but only so she could burn it.

She despises the mystery novel genre because, in her words, "I hate being titillated." However, in a deleted scene from Dream Team, she says her new boss Charles Miner is mysterious and wants to flip to "his last page".

In a deleted scene from Season 3, Angela glowingly compares Dwight to Fox News commentator Sean Hannity.

She says in Prince Family Paper that her ideal of male beauty is Boris Becker.