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25 Jun

Street art gradually has become an important element of Brzeska Street in Warsaw's station area, which is considered one of the most dangerous streets in the city.

It includes among others, one of the children of Prague and a mural crafted by Italian artist Diego Miedo, representing a giant duck.

Polish purchase of the American Patriot anti-missile system, dubbed the "contract of the century", is worth approximately 30 billion zloty.

If you've ever taken a stroll along the bank of the River Vistula, or walked past the the University of Warsaw library (BUW), you might have already encountered the murals of Tamka street. There, you can see Chopin shaped face city map or Napoleon with a cap. It might be your first year at university, or you could be in town for a long weekend.

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You can also go to the underpass of the Armia Ludowa to admire the best of Warsaw street art, or around Myślenicka street, which should delight fans of the Polish football club Legia Warsaw...............

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