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This is a very convenient way of meeting potential partners since you have thousands of profiles before your eyes and your special someone can be among them.Since 2011, we've been doing our best to make our online dating site as user-friendly and safe as possible.That Is" and "The Future Is A Hovering Ship, Anchored In The Past"). Bob Nolan (Clarence Robert Nobles) - Died 6-16-1980 in Studio City, CA, U. - Heart attack ( Country Western ) Born 4-13-1908 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - Singer, songwriter, and actor - Was a member of The Sons Of The Pioneers (They did, "Cool Water" and "Tumbling Tumbleweeds") - Western Performers Hall Of Fame Inductee, Western Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee, Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee and Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee. - Saxophonist, pianist, string bassist and singer - (He did, "Got Too Much Insurance" and "Mellow Pot Blues") - Worked with Edward "Duke" Groner, The Yas Yas Girl ("Don't You Make Me High"), Monkey Joe ("Taxes On My Pole" and "Just Out The Big House"), Ramona Hicks ("Tell My Mama on You"), Washboard Sam ("Diggin' My Potatoes" and "Wasn't He Bad"), Jimmie Gordon and Big Bill And The Memphis Five ("W. George Landry (aka Big Chief Jolly) - Died 8-9-1980 in New Orleans, LA, U. Mary Jane De Zurik - Died 9-3-1981 - Country - Born 2-1-1917 near Royalton, Minnesota, U. - Singer, yodeler and guitarist - She was half of the duo The De Zurik Sisters (They did, "Arizona Yodeler" and "I Left Her Standing There") who were also known as The Cackle Sisters - She had been married to accordionist, Augie Klein. Sam Jones (Samuel Jones) - Died in New York, NY, U. Melvin Webb (aka Big Mel) - Died 1982 - Complications from diabetes ( R&B ) Drummer - Was a member of The Sinceres (They did, "Don't Waste My Time") who later changed their name to Bloodstone (They did, "Natural High" and "Never Let You Go") - Worked with James Brown, Johnny Nash and Marvin Gaye. Syncopators, The Royal Hawaiians and Alvin Kaleolani & The Royal Polynesians - Hawaiian Music Hall Of Fame Inductee. Jack Gallupe - Died 1984 ( Rock ) Played guitar - Was a member of The Seeds (not the Sky Saxon's Seeds) who changed their name to The Ceeds then to Maibe Handle and then to The Broadway Muse And Shell Band. - Played trumpet - Was a member of The Three T's - Worked with Ben Pollack, Red Nichols, Paul Whiteman, Frankie Trumbauer, Roger Wolfe Kahn, Paul Whiteman, Jimmy Dorsey, Bob Crosby, Pete Fountain and his brother, Jack Teagarden. Mike Sund - Died 1985 in Omaha ( Rock ) Born 1944 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of David Lee & The Continentals, The Classics, Little Joe & The Ramrods (They did,"B. Werly Fairburn (Lewi Werly Fairburn) (aka the Singing Barber) - Died 1-18-1985 - Lung cancer ( Rockabilly ) Born - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Everybody's Rockin" and "I'm A Fool About Your Love").Jac Murphy - Died 1980 - Shot himself ( Rock - Folk ) Pianist (He did,"Child's Gift" and "My Bells") Worked with Doc Crippen, Michael Murphy (Recorded,"Swans Against The Sun") and David Soul (Recorded,"Playing To An Audience Of One"). Bert Kaempfert - Died 6-21-1980 in Majorca, Spain ( Easy listening - Jazz ) Born in Hamburg, Germany - Band Leader and producer - (He did, "Wonderland By Night") - Was the 1st to produce The Beatles - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee. - Played Sax and clarinet - Was the leader of Barney Bigard And His Jazzopators (They did, "Barney Goin' Easy" and "Honey Hush ") - Worked with King Oliver, Duke Ellington ("Mood Indigo" and "Harlem Air Shaft"), Jelly Roll Morton and Johnny Dodds. Sandra Tilley-Miese - Died 9-9-1981 in Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada, U. - Brain aneurysm ( R&B - Soul ) Born 1943 - Singer - Was a member of The Velvelettes and Martha Reeves And The Vandellas (They did, "I Can't Dance To That Music You're Playin'" and "(We've Got) Honey Love"). Pat Watters - Died 1982 ( Polka ) Born 1902 in Dallas County, TX, U. - Founder of Music And Dance News magazine and owner of Watters Music Center selling concertinas and Wurlitzer piano accordions - International Polka Music Hall Of Fame Inductee. - Singer and trombonist - (He did, "You're Gonna Come Crying" and "She's So Fine") - Was a member of Sha-Weez (They did, "Cha-Paka-Sha-Wees" and "No One To Love Me") and Sugar Boy And His Cane Cutters (They did, "I Don't Know What I'll Do" and "Jock-a-Mo"). - Died 1984 - Born 1904 - Composer, singer, musician (He did, "No Huhu" and "Ho'omalimali") - Was a member of The K. Mike Brock (aka Mite Vomit and Mike Vomit) - Died 1984 ( Punk ) Singer - Was a member of The Vomit Pigs Make-Believe Blues Boobs Band later shortened to The Vomit Pigs (They did, "Baby's Playin' Games" and "Too Much Porno") and still later shorteneing their name again to The VPs. - Co-founder of Modern Records which recorded artists such as B. King, Hadda Brooks, John Lee Hooker, Lowell Fulson, Elmore James, Etta James and Lightnin' Hopkins - Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee. Eddie "Bongo" Brown (Edward James Brown Jr.) - Died in Los Angeles, CA, U. Kenny Clarke (Kenneth Spearman Clarke) - Died 1-25-1985 in Paris, France ( Jazz ) Born 1-9-1914 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U. - Drummer for The Modern Jazz Quartet - Worked with Thelonious Monk, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.Lightnin' Hopkins ( Sam Hopkins ) - Died 1-30-1982 - Cancer of the esophagus( Blues ) Born 3-15-1912 in Centerville, Texas, U. - Guitarist - (Recorded, "Katie May") - He was 1/2 of Thunder and Lightnin' . ( Rock - Disco ) Born 1-24-1944 in Bavarian Alps, Germany - (He did, "Cold Song"' and "Simple Man") - He worked with Man Parrish and David Bowie. Brian Marnell - Died 8-19-1983 - Suffocation after overcoming a heroin habit ( Rock ) Born 1954 - Guitarist and songwriter - Was a member of SVT (They did, "Heart Of Stone" and "New Year"), Sound Hole and Airplay - Worked with Jim Carroll. Lester Bihari (Lester Louis Bihari) - Died 9-9-1983 - Born 5-12-1912 in Pottstown, PA, U. - Co-founder of Modern Records which recorded artists such as B. King, Hadda Brooks, John Lee Hooker, Lowell Fulson, Elmore James, Etta James and Lightnin' Hopkins - Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee. - (He did, "Spanish Grease" and "Fried Neck Bones And Some Home Fries") - Worked with Tito Puente, Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderley, Herbie Hancock, Wes Montgomery and Mary Lou Williams. Ina Ray Hutton - Died 2-21-1984 ( Jazz ) Singer and bandleader - She led Ina Ray Hutton And Her Melodears (They recorded, "Ring Dem Bells" and "Truckin'") - Worked with Dolly Dawn (They recorded, "You're a Sweetheart" and "Make Me Know It") - She was married to trumpeter Randy Brooks. Paul Francis Webster - Died 3-22-1984 in Beverly Hills, California, U. Jimmy Kennedy - Died 4-6-1984 in Cheltenham, England - Born 7-20-1902 in Omagh, Northern Ireland - Songwriter and lyricist - (Co-wrote, "Teddy Bears' Picnic" and "Red Sails In The Sunset") - He is credited with co-writing, "Hokey Cokey" which became "The Hokey Pokey" which is disputed - He wrote about 2000 songs - Songwriter's Hall Of Fame Inductee. - Singer and composer - (He did, "We Told You Not To Marry", "Sound-Off" and co-wrote,"Leave My Kitten Alone"). Don Reno (Donald Wesley Reno) - King of the Flat-Picking Guitarists- Died in Charlottesville, VA, U. ( Bluegrass ) Born 2-21-1927 in Spartanburg, SC, U. - Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter - Was one of The Tennessee Cutups (They did, "I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map" and "I Know You're Married") - Worked with Arthur Smith And His Crackerjacks and Bill Monroe - International Bluegrass Music Hall Of Honor Inductee. Petr Sepesi - Died 7-29-1985 near Frantiskovy Lazne, Czechoslovakia - Car crash on a railway crossing ( Pop ) Born 4-23-1960 in Brezno, Czechoslovakia - Singer - He was half of a duo with Iveta Bartosova (They did, "Knofliky Lasky" and "Ani Nahodou"). Tommy Blake (Thomas Levan Givens) - Died in Carthage, TX, U. - Shot during argument with his wife ( Country - Rockabilly ) Born 9-14-1931 in Dallas, TX, U. - Singer and songwriter - Led The Rhythm Rebels (They did, "All Night Long") (Co-wrote, "The Story Of A Broken Heart" and "Am I That Easy To Forget"). Personality) - Died 4-13-1986 - Suicide ( Rockabilly ) Born 3-8-1933 in Kilgore, TX, U. - Singer - (He did, "The Wheels Fell Off The Wagon Again" and "Green-Eyed Cat") - Was a member of The Texas Sons - Worked with Jack Rhodes - Produced The New Coon Creek Girls, Teddy Nelson, Jim Cartwright and "Little" Jimmy Dickens. Hylda Baker (Hilda Baker) - Died 5-1-1986 - Alzheimers ( Actress - Comedian ) Born 1905 in Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire (She had a hit with Arthur Mullard on "You're The One That I Want") Star of TV's, Nearest And Dearest. Vlado Cech (Vladimir Cech) - Died 7-21-1986 in Prague, Czechoslovakia ( Progressive Rock ) Born 9-1-1949 in Prague - Drummer - Was a member of New Force and Blue Effect which was forced to change their name by the Czechoslovakian government to Modry Efekt (later M Efekt) (They did, "Slunecny Hrob", "Kingdom Of Life" and "Nova Synteza"). - Pianist (He did,"Central Avenue Blues") Was a member of The Benny Goodman Trio (They did,"Body & Soul") Worked with Louis Armstrong, The Chocolate Dandies and Billie Holiday. Helmut Qualtinger - Died 9-29-1986 in in Vienna, Austria - Liver condition ( Cabaret ) Born 10-8-1928 in Vienna, Austria - Singer - (He did, "Der Papa wirds schon richten (Dad's Gonna Fix The Problem)" and "Kruegerl vor'm Gesicht (Facing The Jug)"). Al Stricklin (Alton Meeks Stricklin) - Died in Cleburne, TX. Jane Dornacker - Died - Helicopter crash while doing a live traffic report ( Rock ) Born 10-1-1947 - She was a member of The Tubes ("Don't Touch Me There") and worked with Leila And The Snakes - She appeared in "The Right Stuff" and was a stand up comedienne. - Heart attack ( Rock & Roll ) Born 9-20-1925 in Birmingham, Alabama, U. - Was a member of The Four Bluebirds (They did, "My Baby Done Told Me" and "Courtroom Blues"), The Robins (They did,"If It's So Baby" and "The Turkey Hop") and The Coasters (They recorded, "Down In Mexico" and "Searching" ) "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee". Desi Arnaz (Desiderio Alberto Arnez y de Acha III) (aka Ricky Ricardo) - Died 12-2-1986 in Del Sea, CA, U. - Cancer (Mambo - Rumba - Latin) Born 3-2-1917 in Santiago, Cuba - Worked with Xavier Cugat and was the leader of The Desi Arnez Orchestra (They did,"Babalu" and "Cuban Pete") Was married to actress Lucille Ball.

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- Singer - (She did, "Chicken Man" and "I Am A Streaker") - Worked with Little Mack Simmons, Lonnie Brooks, Lee "Shot" Williams and Scotty & The Rib Tips - Cousin of Lester Davenport and Sister of guitarists, George Brown and King Edward Brown.

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Vido Musso (Vido William Musso) - Died 1-9-1982 in Rancho Mirage, CA, U. ( Jazz ) Born 1-17-1913 in Carini, Italy - Played clarinet and saxophone - Worked with Stan Kenton, Gene Krupa, Harry James, Benny Goodman, Woody Herman and Tommy Dorsey. George Harmonica Smith (aka Harmonica King, Little Walter Jr., Little George Smith, George Allen and Big Walter) - Died 10-2-1983 ( Blues ) Born 4-22-1924 in Helena, AR, U. - (He did, "Telephone Blues" and "Blues in the Dark") - Was a member of The Jackson Jubilee Singers, The Southside Blues Band, Bacon Fat and The Muddy Waters Band. Merle Travis (Merle Robert Travis) - Died in Tahlequah, OK, U. - Heart failure ( Country ) Born in Rosewood, KY, U. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - (Wrote, "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette" and "Sixteen Tons") - Designed the 1st solid body electric guitar - Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee, Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee and Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame Inductee. Therese Of The Roses") - Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee. Luke Kelly - Died 1-30-1984 - Brain tumor ( Folk ) Born in Dublin - Singer and banjo player (He did, "The Rocky Road To Dublin" and "The Brown And The Yellow Ale") - Was a member of The Dubliners. Don Addrisi (Donald James Addrisi) - Died in California, U. Annette Hanshaw (aka The Personality Girl) - Died 3-13-1985 ( Jazz ) Born in New York, NY, U. Lloyd Glenn - Died 5-23-1985 - Heart attack ( Blues ) Born in San Antonio, TX, U. (He did,"Old Time Shuffle Blues" and "Chica Boo") Was the leader of The Joymakers - Worked with T-Bone Walker, B. Skeeter Best (Clifton Best) - Died May 28, 1985 in The Bronx, NY, U. Jim Mc Pherson - Died 6-24-1985 - Illness ( Rock ) Sang and played violin, drums, bass, keyboards and guitar - (Co-wrote Jefferson Starship's, "Jane") - Was a member of Trolls who became Stained Glass (They did, "My Buddy Sin" and "A Scene In-Between") and Christian Rapid - Worked with The Diga Rhythm Band (They did, "Razooli)"), The Novato Frank Band (They did, "Grow Your Own" and "They're Playin' Rock'n'Roll In Heaven"), Copperhead (They did, "Chameleon"), Roadhog, The Merl Saunders Band and High Noon ("Cross The Bridge" and "Left Out In The Cold"). David Lodge - Died 1986 - Cancer ( Rock ) Singer - Was a member of The Shan-de-leers who changed their name to Major Hoople's Boarding House (They did,""I'm Running After You" and "Everything's The Same"). Phil Lynott (Philip Parris Lynott)- Died 1-4-1986 - Heart and liver failure ( Rock ) Born 8-20-1949 in West Bromwich, Birmingham, England - Singer and bassist - Member of The Black Eagles, Orphanage, Skid Row (They did, "New Faces, Old Places") and leader of Thin Lizzy (They recorded, "The Boys Are Back In Town" and "Whiskey In The Jar"). - Singer and actor - (He did, "Hair Of Gold, Eyes Of Blue" and "Easy To Love") - Worked with Jo Stafford ("Whispering Hope" and "My Darling, My Darling") - Appeared in the films, Oklahoma! - He was at one time married to actress, Sheila Mac Rae and is the father of actresses, Heather Mac Rae and Meredith Mac Rae. Grossman)- Died 1-25-1986 - Heart attack on an airplane - Born 5-21-1926 - Managed Janis Joplin, The Band, Peter, Paul And Mary, and Todd Rundgren - Started The Newport Folk Festival. Dick James (Reginald Leon Vapnick)- Died 2-1-1986 - Heart attack - Born 1921 - Music Publisher and Singer - 1st to sign The Beatles - Also worked with Elton John, Billy J. Arthur Satherley (Arthur Edward Satherley) (aka Uncle Art) - Died 2-10-1986 in Fountain Valley, CA, U. - Born in Bristol, England - Producer and talent scout - Worked with Gene Autry, Bob Wills, The Pickard Family, Carson Robison, Vernon Dalhart, The Allen Brothers, The Callahan Brothers, Ida Cox, Doc Roberts, Alberta Hunter, Asa Martin, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Al Dexter, Memphis Minnie, Cliff & Bill Carlisle, Roy Acuff, Bill Monroe, Tex Ritter, Red Foley, George Morgan, Spade Cooley, Ted Daffan, Ma Rainey, Big Bill Broonzy, Josh White, Leroy Carr and Johnny Bond - Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee. Louis Keppard - Died 2-18-1986 in New Orleans, LA, U. Howard Greenfield (aka Howie) - Died 3-4-1986 in Los Angeles, CA, U. - Brain tumor ( Songwriter ) Born 1936 in Brooklyn, NY, U. - He co-wrote songs with Neil Sedaka ("Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" and "Calendar Girl"), Carole King ("Crying In The Rain"), Jack Keller ("My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own" and "Everybody's Somebody's Fool") - He also co-wrote the theme songs for TV's, The Flying Nun and Bewitched - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Paul Lynde - Died 1-10-1982 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, U. - Heart attack ( Comedian ) Born 6-13-1926 in Mount Vernon, Ohio, U. - (He sang, "Kids" and "Hymn For A Sunday Evening" from the Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack - He protrayed Uncle Arthur on TV's, Bewitched. Irving Szathmary (Isadore Szathmary) - Died in London, England ( Jazz ) Born in Quincy, Mass., U. - Pianist - (He co-wrote, "Leave It To Love" and wrote the theme for TV's, "Get Smart") - Was a member of The Szathmary Syncopators - Was an arranger for Benny Goodman, Emery Deutsch, Artie Shaw, Paul Whiteman and Jack Teagarden - Brother of comedian, Bill Dana. Preston Jackson (James Preston Mc Donald) - Died ( Jazz ) Born 1-3-1902 in New Orleans, LA, U. - Trombonist - Was the leader of Preston Jackson And His Uptown Band - Worked with Richard M. Al Dexter (Clarence Albert Poindexter) - Died 1-28-1984 in Lewisville, TX, U. Paul Gardiner - Died 2-4-1984 - Heroin overdose ( Rock ) Born 1955 - (He did a version of, "Venus In Furs") - Was the bassist for Gary Numan's Tubeway Army (They did, "Are Friends Electric? Vance "Tiny" Powell - Died 2-4-1984 - Cirrossis of the liver ( Gospel - Blues ) Born 5-17-1922 in Warren, Arkansas, U. - (He did, "My Time After While") - Was a member of The Paramount Singers and The Golden Harps - Worked with The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi. Pee Wee Crayton (Connie Curtis Crayton) - Died 6-25-1985 in Los Angeles, CA, U. - Heart attack ( Blues ) Born in Rockdale, Texas, U. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Blues For My Baby" and "In The Evenin"). Herb Magidson - Died 1-2-1986 in Los Angeles, CA, U. Mc Kinley Mitchell - Died 1-18-1986 in Chicago Heights, IL, U. - Heart attack ( Gospel - Blues - R&B ) Born in Jackson, MS, U. - Singer - (He did, "The Town I Live In" and "The End Of The Rainbow") - Was a member of The Hearts Of Harmony. Everett Barksdale - Died 1-29-1986 in Inglewood, CA, U. Sonny Terry (Saunders Terrell) - Died 3-11-1986 - Natural causes ( Blues ) Born in Greensboro, North Carolina, U. - Harmonica Player - (He did, "Dark Road" with Brownie Mcghee) - Blues Foundation's Hall Of Fame Inductee. - Worked with Kenny Mc Vey, Fats Waller, The Ink Spots, The Deep River Boys, The Mary Lou Williams Quartet, Jump Jackson, Tampa Red, Big Bill Broonzy, Bill Crosby ("Zooter-Eeny" and "She Done Quit Me"), Floyd Campbell, The Chicago All Stars, Duke Ellington ("Johnny Come Lately" and "Hayfoot, Strawfoot"), Dinah Washington, Eddie Boyd, Arbee Stidham, Roosevelt Sykes ("Living In A Different World" and "Sunny Road") and The Andy Kirk Band. - Trumpet player - Worked with Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Teddy Wilson, Lionel Hampton and Billie Holiday.