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Even if the number of people your client employs varies, or they have fluctuating hours and pay, your client must assess them individually each time they run their payroll. Once staff have been enrolled, the employer must pay regular contributions into their pension scheme.If the staff member's earnings fall below £113 per week or £490 per month, the employer may stop paying contributions unless the rules of the pension scheme they have enrolled into require them to continue.If your client already has a pension scheme for their staff, they should check they can use it for automatic enrolment by contacting their provider.If they can’t, they’ll need to choose a new scheme.

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Automatic enrolment duties apply to any staff that are aged 22 to state pension age and earn over £192 a week or £833 a month; they must be put into a pension scheme which your client must contribute towards.

Automatic enrolment duties also apply to your client even if they employ; short-term, seasonal, temporary or other staff who are not on regular hours or incomes, who might not at first meet the above criteria, but your client pays them through a payroll.

Most software will automatically assess staff at each pay cycle, calculate contributions where necessary, and some also have a postponement function built into it, so it’s important to find the right software that meets your client’s needs.

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