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09 Dec

repaired all water damage in cockpit floor around hardware 4. G-10 backing plates added behind stanchions for strengthening the hull to deck joint 8. re-wired the electrical system with new 85amp alternator, electrical panel, 2 group 27s and installed a navigation table/compartment above the engine 10. custom carbon masthead mount for the tri-color Lopolight (removable) 12. The mast was new in 2008, Southern Spars number 298. 1998 Hyde PBO Main, #1, #2, #3 (we use these as our primary set, still in fair shape) 2. (or 00 per month) If I wait 26 months, it will be FREE! We just bought another 18 foot skiff that is traveling in the container between NZ, AUS, Europe and SF. Howie is keeping his two boats down in LA to use for training and rig/sail testing with the Glasers.counter-sunk and water-proofed all new deck hardware 5. custom carbon and foam transom mount for an emergency rudder (removable) 13. strengthened the bow knuckle for bobstay attachment 15. (We have numbers regarding the bend characteristics and can forward upon request). 2001 North Main*, #1, #2 (Heavily used main, medium used jibs) 3. 2008 Quantum Main, #1, #2 (12 hours total use) * Reef points in class mains are typically cosmetic to comply with class rules. And the rate that my savings are depleting the timing will be perfect! We came to the conclusion that we would rather spend our money campaigning the 18 then doing another short handed Pac Cup campaign. He has the two boats pretty evenly matched so the incremental changes in the sail plans and rig stiffness are quickly apparent.faired and sprayed a new Proline 3066 epoxy bottom 2. You don't mention livable amenities, how's the galley, salon and sleeping quarters?removed and replaced all stainless steel through deck fasteners, nuts and washers 3. 1997 Ovington Farr 30 (Ex Mumm 30) USA 630 USCG Documented Vessel Trunk Monkey Asking Price: ,500 (o.b.o.) Location: Tiburon, CA That's $ 27,500.00 in 11 months!Travel Remote Reservoir Front-Rear Piggy Back Reservoir Shocks-Shin Guards/a Fe Pro-Guard 7 CAI/Doug Thorley Headers/Garvin Trail Rack/KC Daylighters/BFG AT/KO's 315x70x17 Tires/17 inch Steel Wheels/Magnaflow Exhaust/Man-A-Fre Extended Brake Lines/M-Pac Rear Mount/Power Tank/Manik Taillight Guards & Roof Rack Light Bar/ Those ain't subs.. You just can't hear the sonic crack on the vid because its further down range. Chimpanzees are an endangered species, deserving of our respect and protectionnot to be used as a cheap gimmick to sell cars.The rest of the world is beginning to recognize these issues, but this car dealership seems set on refusing to care or evolve.

Erinn Sowle Suburban Auto Group, General Manager Suburban Ford 37000 Highway 26 Sandy OR 97055 Suburban Chevrolet 36936 Highway 26 Sandy OR 97055 Suburban Auto Group uses graphic designs of chimpanzees with wide toothy grins, which looks like a human smile, but is actually called a "fear grimace." It is appalling that Suburban Auto Group continues to use this graphic after Eyes on Apes has repeatedly explained how it sends a harmful message. We have been campaigning the 18 in preparation for the JJ's in Australia and the Farr has been sitting on the dock at the SFYC, needlessly neglected. I think I'm going to use this thread as a repository for vids and pics if nobody objects...We just aren't focused on campaigning it as it should be. We will point prospective people to this site for the full detail.The boat also raced successfully in inshore/offshore PHRF during 20. (or 00 per month) If I wait 26 months, it will be FREE!Work Completed in preparation for a safe ocean crossing: 1. And the rate that my savings are depleting the timing will be perfect!