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01 Jan

In computer graphics, back-face culling determines whether a polygon of a graphical object is visible.

It is a step in the graphical pipeline that tests whether the points in the polygon appear in clockwise or counter-clockwise order when projected onto the screen.

One method of implementing back-face culling is by discarding all triangles where the dot product of their surface normal and the camera-to-triangle vector is greater than or equal to zero Another method exists based on reflection parity, which is more appropriate for two dimensions where surface normal cannot be computed (also known as CCW check).

Let a unit triangle in two dimensions (homogeneous coordinates) be defined as is used as a trace to tell if vertex order is different between two triangles.

Now, there's an app that can alter your gender entirely, age you, or add a smile to your face.

Called Face App, the app can take a selfie or a photo saved to your camera roll and alter it using neural-network technology.

Whether or not a selfie is reversed after being shot is a major factor.

We decided to test it out on various tech CEOs and celebrities.

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Your features don’t line up, curve, or tilt the way you’re used to viewing them.

(An episode of the Radiolab podcast, about symmetry, demonstrated this when it flipped a popular photo of Abraham Lincoln.