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Demonstrations Demonstrations occur and can lead to significant disruptions to traffic and public transportation.Jamaica has experienced election-related violence in the past that has resulted in the destruction of property in some neighbourhoods.Weather conditions can damage or render some roads temporarily impassable. Speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol are common.Motorists should keep vehicle windows closed, doors locked and valuables hidden. When driving between Norman Manley International Airport and Kingston, take the South Camp Road (also known as the Humming Bird Route) rather than Mountain View Avenue, which can close on short notice.

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Do not walk alone while visiting the island, even during the day. Exercise extreme caution in all regions of the country after dark and avoid visiting beaches and isolated areas at night. If you are a victim of crime, do not resist, as this may provoke the use of violence. There have been reports of alleged sexual assaults at tourist resorts carried out by resort staff and, in some cases, by other tourists. Refrain from excessive drinking, especially at all-inclusive resorts.There is a risk of becoming the victim of crossfire in these areas.Police may impose curfews with short notice in areas where gang activity is a concern.Remain vigilant at supermarkets and retail outlets, as credit card and ABM fraud is a risk in Jamaica.Violent crime, including armed robbery and murder, is a problem in large cities, particularly in Kingston, Spanish Town and Montego Bay.