Tableadapter update not updating knoxville dating

04 Sep

Here is the resume of the problem : The first call to Table Adapter.

We will be removing the Return Identifiers property in 6.1 and moving to a more Sql Client way of doing things.Basically, Db Command Builder will call Initialize Command with a null parameter when the commands are being generated.If that parameter is null, then I assume we are generating new commands. Write Line("Pass#1 after update :" ", Row State=" row. Write Line("Pass#2 after update :" row2", Row State=" row2. You can use My SQLCommand Builder, but the first autoincrement id rows is unchanged, and not updated by the autoincrement value of server. So, if the first returned row is the result of a 'SELECT last_insert_id()', then the generated key will be returned and merged back in. The whole point of using My Sql Command Builder is to not mess with command objects. What this does is tell the data adapter update engine to take the first returned row and merge it's values back into the changed row. The Updated Row Source property exists on the command object.