Sql date updating

18 Dec

We can resolve this issue by submitted a value that is more in line with US expectations: statement will return the results just fine.

However, despite the universal nature of this format, the data type, we can avoid the language issue when using a numeric format, which is a fine option if all we’re running is SQL Server 2008 or later. What we need is a format that is both type and language agnostic.One of the times that you need things to go right is when you are doing analysis and reporting. A sure-fire way of getting managers upset is to get the figures horribly wrong by messing up the way that you handle datetime values in SQL Server.In the interests of peace, harmony and a long career in BI, Robert Sheldon outlines some of the worst mistakes you can make when using SQL Server dates.For this reason, many developers default to a format such as ISO8601: This time, the statement runs without an error.By using a universal format for our time/date values, we can better ensure that we get the results we want whether we’re in Seattle or Cambridge or Rome.