Speed dating in sfv

06 May

Photo credit: jurvetson, Flickr There is something mysterious about a woman that attracts us to them in the first place.History tells us that most men will treat a woman differently after sleeping with her.Probably most embarrassing if she has had some work done on her chest area and the stewardess mentions flotation devices and everyone looks at your girlfriend’s chest and whispers, “Well, she’ll ain’t drowning.” No guy ever wants to ask, “Hey Beautiful, what did you do at work today?” and hear “An entire football team.” That talk your girlfriend has about the bitchy girl in her office is annoying, certainly.Not all of them, but enough to catch you attention and maybe make you a little paranoid.It’s the good kind of paranoid until you realize what people are thinking about when they see her.I congratulate you and can say without question that you are a better and more progressive man than I. However, good luck telling Grandma what your lady did in her last project “Blondes Under the Big Top 4: Clowns on Patrol” during Thanksgiving dinner. ” and “Now, tell me this isn’t the biggest one you’ve ever seen?This is probably going to be uncomfortable and borderline inappropriate. ” will become the questions you will start to hear in your sleep.

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Of course this happens with every beautiful woman, but coupled with the delusion that every guy that hits on her in a grocery store probably thinks shes going to immediately take them to their car and change their life sexually in the back row of the Trader Joe’s parking lot — you have a makings of a potentially volatile situation every time you go out in public. So go out and purchase a pair of boxing gloves, a Bowflex, and the most comprehensive health insurance plan that you can afford; you are going to need to be fit and ready to fight at all times.

No guy likes when other dudes are creeping on his girlfriend, but when guys at in the line at 7-11 start using the opening line “I’d like to give you like a footlong? That was an awesome line and I mean come on, when is this guy gonna get another chance to use a gem like that? It’s not like she used to be stripper and you can maybe keep a lid on or keep a low profile. There will be pictures, films and Web sites all devoted to her and what she does for a living floating around for the rest of time.

However, porn stars seem to unlock what we’ll call the “I’ve seen you naked” Paradox.

Consider how many men watch porn (according to studies, it’s somewhere around 100%) and factor in the fact that the people who have seen you girlfriend naked will literally be everywhere you go.