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07 Oct

In Nuevo Vallarta, the newer luxury area, you’ll find U. You’d think you're back in the States, but at a steep discount.Forty minutes north of PV, the seaside village of Sayulita is a lively place, with a colorful mix of tourists, retirees, and surfer dudes that keeps things hopping.They rented out the entire Playa Fiesta hotel for them and their guests (including Mauricio and me) for four days of sunning, swimming, boating, dancing and margarita’ing.Their wedding ceremony was one of the most emotional and moving ceremonies we’ve ever photographed.They all have their attractions, including a low-cost, laid-back lifestyle, but our choice in Mexico is the Puerto Vallarta region, located on the Pacific Coast in the state of Nayarit.Its combination of first-class urban amenities and charming palm-fringed villages have made it an appealing retiree draw as well as a popular tourist destination, without the serious crime that blights some other parts of the country.

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Real love looks like comfort, familiarity, protectiveness, excitement, devotion, loyalty, patience, friendship. They make each other laugh, they adore each other, they respect each other, and they seem absolutely amazed by each other.Real love begins when two strangers see one another across a crowded room, they feel a shock like pure electricity, and everyone else disappears around them.Out of shyness, they never speak, but continue on their separate ways.(A quick word about crime and safety in Mexico: Yes, it's extremely dangerous in the cities bordering the United States and a few places elsewhere.Mexico, however, is also nearly three times the size of Texas, and most of the country is reasonably safe and secure, especially resort areas and tourist destinations.) Puerto Vallarta's handsome beachfront promenade can be overcrowded with tourists, but venture a few blocks back from the bars and curio shops, and the town's Mexican charms are on display—whitewashed houses bedecked with flowers, and plazas where locals and expats alike greet, eat, and seat themselves on benches to watch the passing parade.