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13 May

This paper reports the attitudes of Chinese British adolescents on sexual behavior within their sociocultural contexts.Using an ethnographic approach and snowball sampling, data were collected through in-depth interviews with 20 adolescents and 20 parents.Dr Juping Yu, Faculty of Health, Sport and Science, University of Glamorgan, Glyntaf Campus, Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan, Wales, UK CF37 1DL.Tel: 44 (0)1443 483879; fax: 44 (0)1443 433095; email: [email protected] Early sexual initiation and unwanted teenage pregnancy are issues of concern in many western countries.

A recent Scottish survey revealed similar findings, reporting that nearly one-third of 15 year old school children had had sex (Currie et al, 2008).However, some studies found such impacts only among those who talked about values and beliefs at home, suggesting the importance of parental values (Miller et al, 1999; Romo et al, 2002).Parental influence generally decreases as young people get older, whereas friends become increasingly important in guiding behaviour with regard to smoking, drinking and sex (Whitbeck et al, 1999; He et al, 2004).Traditional sexual attitudes were common within the families, and parental sexual values were found to be important.Similarities in sexual values and behavior among friends were apparent, but differences were also found.