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He had owned the land that we moved on about three years before we came to Mc Lean, but had it rented, so we had to move in the house with the family who lived there until we could rent a house for them to move into.

In some manner the large pins holding the great heavy spool had slipped and were insecure, and this broke loose, flew back, and at that instant Andrew, a sight-seer, stepped into the path of the machine, and was hit, barely missing John Frew.

Per R‑210, which cites the Randolph Geneaolgical Journals, the name of John Graves wife is rendered as Margery in his 1811 will and in an 1815 tax roll, as Margere on the 1820 tax roll, and as Marge in a 1789 deed. As written in R‑210, Richard Graves may be placed in Randolph Co., NC by documentary evidence dating from 1785, including a signed petition, a law suit of 1789, census records of 1790, 1800, 1830, and 1840, deeds of 1791-1841, militia records of 1801-1802, a will of 1811, tax rolls of 1803, 1815, 1820, and 1828, voting records of 1817, and marriage bonds for his son Benjamin in 1822 and daughter Nancy in 1825. Nicholson and his second wife Sarah Mary Harvey (she may just have been named Sarah, but was called Mary by her family) (or Elisabeth Pritchard per R‑29), in 1816 in Randolph Co., NC. At the time they were to go my grandmother was sick, so Grandfather John Hendrix represented his wife, then with 6 of the Graves children they traveled to Troy, NC, and were given their proportionate shares, and they returned home with all gold money as that was the way of settlement. 1825, married Jane Graves, 1851; (9) Josiah Luther; (10) Harris Luther; (11) Martha Luther; (12) Elizabeth Ann Luther. Dear parents though we miss you much, We know you rest with God. Graves who married Alice Motsinger, and that he was the one who was a son of Richard Graves and Jane Williams, the circumstantial evidence is very strong.

According to R‑50 and R‑210, William obtained land grant No. On the 1850 census for Sterling Twp., Crawford Co., IN, a William Graves, age 56, born North Carolina and Sarah Graves, age 56, born North Carolina are shown following an entry for John (#60) and Catharine Graves. He married Mary (Polly) Smitherman, daughter of Samuel Smitherman and Margaret ‑‑‑‑‑‑, on 7 Oct. 97); Bondsman was Stephen Lowder[milk], and Hugh Mc Cain was the witness to the ceremony. The 1850 census for Van Buren Twp., Clay Co., IN, lists their children Margaret and John W. Richard Graves (111) was born in March 1835 according to the 1900 census, in Randolph Co., NC, and died after 1910; he was recorded on the 1910 census with his daughter Pirenah Lassiter in Randolph Co., NC. 1850 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, died 2 Dec. This applicant has the appearance of being descended from white parentage; has brown hair, grey eyes, medium fair complexion; does not understand the Choctaw language and has no knowledge of any compliance on the part of her Choctaw ancestors. Gilliam (Gilly) Henry Graves (321) was born 5 April (or 10 Jan. 1910 in French Lick, Orange Co., IN, and was buried in Scarlet Ridge Cem., now known as Mt. They were recorded on the 1900 census in Johnson Twp., Crawford Co., IN, ED 26, sheet 4B, the 1910 census in Johnson Twp., Crawford Co., IN, ED 29, sheet 32A, and the 1920 census in French Lick, Orange Co., IN, ED 137, sheet 5A. stated that he owned 120 acres of land, received his mail from the Cory Post Office, was located 14 miles south of the Court House, 2 miles south of the Post Office in Perry Twp., born 1837 in Vigo Co., and was a farmer. Volunteer Infantry, was mustered in as Corporal and, with the exception of 36 days that he was held prisoner of the enemy and four weeks that he was confined to the hospital, he was with his regiment, taking part in all its marches, campaigns, and battles, and with his comrades.

Hadley Elkanah (or Monroe according to R‑75) Graves (1041) was born 22 Nov. 1897 in Sugar Ridge Twp., Clay Co., IN, died 20 Nov. Goldie Winifred Butts (1364), called Winifred, was born 14 Jan. 1991 in Union Hosp., Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN., and was buried in Ashboro Cem., Clay Co., IN. Dosie Ann Rose (2225) was born 1 June 1867 in Pondcreek Twp., Greene Co., MO, died in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, and was buried in Johns Chapel Cem., Ash Grove, Greene Co., MO. 1877 in Pageland, Chesterfield Co., SC, died 24 July 1924 in Union Co., NC, and was buried in Mt. 1944 in Pageland, Chesterfield Co., SC, and was buried in Mt.

In 1910, Alice stated that five of her nine children were living; their children were born in Indiana. 1879 in Richland Twp., Randolph Co., NC., and continued living at Seagrove, NC, on his large farm of several hundred acres, until his death 6 Nov. He decided to leave it to others to decide whether it was always for the soul that drew them to the meeting or if it was the longest way was the sweetest way home while walking barefoot with a pretty girl and your shoes in your hand. 1888 in Clay Co., IN (Record 15-9), died in the V. Hospital, Danville, Vermilion Co., IL, and was buried in Maple Grove Cem., Harrison Twp., Clay Co., IN. She was born 24 July 1876 in Falls Co., TX, died in 1954 in Big Spring, TX, and was also buried in Mt. He was born 9 March 1868 in Alexandria Twp., Leavenworth Co., KS, died 14 July 1936 near Fairfax, Osage Co., OK, and was also buried in Pixley Cem., although there are no headstones on their Graves, per R‑24.

as age 8 census living with his sister Nancy Graves Douglas family in Dick Johnson, Clay Co., IN, and second as age 12 living with his sister [Mary] Jane Williams family, in Van Buren, Clay Co., IN . Responsible for erosion control, tree planting, flood regulation, drainage, and recreation development, this program was instituted for unemployed single men from ages 18-25, who were clothed, housed, and fed; they were required to send home - from their princely monthly paychecks of . Elizabeth (Lizzie) Graves (2534) was born 14 June 1894 in Van Buren Twp., Clay Co., IN, died in Vermillion Co. IN, and was buried in Roselawn Memorial Park, Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN. 1959 in Zap, Mercer Co., ND, and was buried 28 Jan. Joseph Orlando Graves (1042), known as Orlando or Lindo, was born near Seagrove, Randolph Co., NC, died 3 March 1937 in Randleman, Randolph Co., NC, and was buried in Huldah Baptist Church Cem., Randolph Co., NC. Lloyd Thomas Lowdermilk (1342), called Thomas, was born 3 Oct. 1972 in Kokomo, Howard Co., IN, and was buried in Sink Cem., Highway 59 South, Clay City, Clay Co., IN. 1955 in Ferris, Ellis Co., TX, and was buried in Memorial Park Cem. Samuel Major Graves (2338) was born 25 April 1889 in Pageland, Chesterfield Co., SC, died 25 Jan. 1871 on the Graves farm near Seagrove, Randolph Co., NC, died 23 Jan. Hoffman and Annie Barbara Holdifer of near Art, IN). 1981 in Riverview, Hillsborough Co., FL, and was buried in Roselawn Memorial Park, north of Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN. James Wesley Martin Monroe Mitchell (2056) was born about 1866 in Water Valley, Yalobusha Co., MS, died 28 Dec. Zion Cem., Zion Methodist Church, Pageland, Chesterfield Co., SC. Zion Cem., Zion Methodist Church, Pageland, Chesterfield Co., SC. Benjamin Franklin Graves (247), called Franklin, was born 12 Aug. According to the Blue Family History, one of Martha Prevosts sources of information on the family, Margaret Janet Trogdon was a school teacher before her marriage, and Keplar was a very successful farmer. They were listed on the 1880 census in Washington Twp., Boone Co., IN, and in the 1900 census in Sugar Creek Twp., Thorntown, Boone Co., IN; Sarah indicated that she had borne four children and four children were living. 1982 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX, and was buried in Evergreen Cem., Paris, TX. 1894 (or 1895) in Ada, Pontotoc Co., Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, died 9 Feb. Landry Parish, LA, and was buried in Innis, Pointe Coupee Parish, LA.