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27 Apr

Born in Arizona, she moved to Saudi Arabia when she was 16 and attended university there as she started a family. Finally, she returned to Saudi Arabia to teach English and fell into photography along the way.

It began as a hobby but Alsultan later turned her lens toward lavish weddings.

As she continued down that path, she pivoted to what came next: the happily ever after—or not.

Alsultan was at a gallery when she spotted the woman in a black abaya that had the word “love” written on it, so she approached her to ask about her idea of love.

Nasiba didn’t open up the first time, but after a friend showed her Alsultan’s work, she let her in.

The limits imposed on the girls and women, she says, aren’t just exhausting for him but physically, emotionally and financially taxing on them all.

“We’re like everyone else the way we want and have ambitions and fall in and out of love, but in the end we have these constraints and the struggles that we have overcome, that we want people to know,” Alsultan says.