Rowupdating keys

09 Jul

For example, to style an active row, set the Active Row Css Class property. A datakey represents the primary key field or field of a record that can uniquely identify it in a data-bound control. Row Index represents the index of the particular row.Certain functionalities of Web Data Grid require an active element. To enable, click the elipsis (...) button for Behaviors in the property window and check the Activation behavior in the Behaviors editor.Web Data Grid provides properties and methods to get or set an active cell: use the Active Cell property when on the server and use get or set accessors when on the client.Ok, for basics I have created two pages one if which holds the grid and the other is which will get the primary key sent by On edit add the following code on page load.Notice that, we have taken a hidden field just in the same column we have the link button and have it default value of out primary key field.Set active cell to null to clear Web Data Grid of an active cell.You can get the row or column from the active cell if you need them.

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Some days back I got a query from one of my fellow, regarding a very normal situation I mean that’s the day to day task that we as a developers are doing.

Now on Row Command Event of the grid view write the following code I guess code does not need any explanation, so let’s move on to the next approach.

Approach 2 We have a minor change the in Template Field of the Gridview we write in So, we have remove the hidden field we have added in the last approacha and simply add the command argument to the link button, now to catch the command argument and send it to edit form write the following code on Row Command Event Approach 3: Ok, for this you need to add Data Key Names Property to main Grid View Markup.