Red flags in dating violence

07 Mar

I drank in romantic comedies and believed love only happened at first sight.

Falling in love and finding my soul mate was my moon and sun.

Then there are the roses, the love notes, the gifts, and being made to feel like you’re on a pedestal.

All of those actions separately can be viewed as a caring gesture, but together they are not a good mix to be caught up in, especially if the person is telling you he or she loves you and wants to move in together. They don’t feel right, such as the person getting unreasonably upset over you talking to a friend about him or her. I’ve found any man who describes his ex as a “crazy bitch” is most likely a bad dude.

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Though media attention on this topic tends to focus on young women, dating violence is not gender specific.

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Consult with an advocate at a local YWCA or the like. I’ve found it’s best to be firm and not engage in arguing because he or she will argue and often do anything to keep you in the relationship.

He or she will probably try to turn the tables on you, and tear you down.