Raptr not updating twitter

14 Dec

Previous builds of Radeon Software that include the “AMD Gaming Evolved App” dated before September 12th 2016 will remain intact and will not be affected.” Kit Guru Says: As someone who regularly needs to install drivers and swap out graphics cards for benchmarking, I always found Raptr to be a bit of a pain to avoid when updating.

Did any of you guys regularly use the Raptr Gaming app?

Kinda sucks that people who've worked on the site flat out ignore people though.

That's nothing to do with the site, that's just rude.

While the Raptr of old was based around the community, with game time tracking being a plus, the staff instead jumped ship in favor of streaming which seemed to be the "next big trend in gaming" (but let's face it: people sitting around watching someone play a game isn't exactly fun).

A website with no community behind it is a hard thing to sell.

Total playtime recorded by the online service was up 15% month-over-month, from May to June.The company has raised 12 million dollars in funding from investors including Accel Partners and Founders Fund.The client, which is a downloadable application for Microsoft Windows, supports Yahoo!Over the last couple of years, AMD users have likely had an encounter or two with Raptr’s ‘Gaming Evolved’ app.At one point it was AMD’s answer to the Ge Force Experience, with the app being bundled with every driver update.