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family, are major human pathogens causing the acute paralytic disease poliomyelitis.

The human enteroviruses (HEV) are classified into five species, HEV-A to -D, and the PV species (PV-1 to −3).

These VDPVs appeared to belong to two independent recombinant lineages with sequences from the type 2 strain of the oral poliovaccine (OPV) in the 5'-half of the genome and sequences derived from unidentified species C enteroviruses (HEV-C) in the 3'-half.

PV evolves very quickly, partly due to the high error frequency in RNA synthesis: roughly 10 per base per replication cycle [3].

These VDPVs appear to be recombinant viruses between vaccine polioviruses and human enteroviruses of species C (HEV-C) and to present phenotypic characteristics similar to those of wild polioviruses including pathogenicity.

Similar VDPVs and other enteroviruses, including several HEV-C of different types, were found in the stools of healthy children living in neighboring villages to where most of the poliomyelitis cases occurred.

Nevertheless, several poliomyelitis outbreaks associated with vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs) were reported in different parts of the world in recent years, particularly in Madagascar in 2002.

We analyzed the molecular characteristics of Madagascar VDPVs and compared them with those of co-circulating enteroviruses.