Lee da hae and park yoochun dating dating flirten liebe

21 Mar

He speaks English with clear, correct pronunciation which sounds more beautiful than any other Korean actor I have heard.

I liked the character Kim Seung-woo played, Jang Myung-hoon. I have seen her in East of Eden and liked her there as well.

She is able to fight off the man and escape out of the buliding. Myung-Hoon offers to hire her temporarily for a few days to see if she can do the work.

Mi-Ri passes on the offer because her deadline to find a permanent job is approaching and she needs a permanent job. even if I graduated from Tokyo University I won't be hired." Myung-Hoon, not understanding her correctly, says since you graduated from Tokyo University there is no reason not to hire you. I watched this drama maybe 2 years ago until ep 9 and then i stopped coz i hated mi ri charctef i thought she was a bit** BUT 2 days ago i thought i should re-watch this .

Yeah maybe her methods were wrong but what do you expect from a girl who have been abonded and working as missterss all her life ? fot me i don't know why this drama didn't gain much popularity than this. The ending is okay but I want Heejoo to end up with Yutaka :( but it's satisfying : D didn't know that this drama is based on true story o.o its shocking.. Typically, when I watch a romantic drama, I wish for the hero and heroine to have a happy ending together.

If i were her i will probaly do the same i would choose to be with the best and who can bring to the top I think those who haven't faced difficult times in their life wouldnt understand mi ri character and though i still havent finished the darma i hope she well get what she wants Lee Da Hae is such a good actress! I don't know if I will root for her or not, such feelings I have for this drama.. it's true that with koran drama we have alredy acquired a stereotype that we did used we need als to know that in life there is all type of people, and this mi ri is a good exemple of how cruel people can be, to me mi ri was also a victim of first her parents (specialy her mother) and the society without mention her lack of chance p.s excuse my poor english ^^' I've seen this drama about year ago, and I have to say I enjoyed it but i really hated the character mi ri, her whole thought process of getting to the top was all wrong. I was really hoping she didn't end up with the two male leads. Lee da hae did an amazing portrayal of this character, it took me awhile to watch anything she was in just because I hated the character so much. Oh and didn't know this was base on a tree story, now I appreciate this drama a lot more. However, when I began watching Miss Ripley, I didn’t want Mi-ri to end up with either one of the leading men.

Jang Myun-hoon’s expression was quite serious, whereas Song Yoo-hyun kept a smile and pleasant look on his face. Do people like Director Jang and Yootaka still exist? I totally love the piano scene where Chunie sings the theme song. He is really good in everything he does, from singing to songwriting to actor. I have become an avid fan of his after seeing him in "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", "Rooftop Prince" and Ï Miss You".

I have only recently known about him, but have now seen all of his dramas. It is really cool to be watching a drama which has a wonderful lead actor who can also sing well. I also loved hearing Park Yoo-chun speak in English.Unfortunately, Mi-Ri finds it difficult to find a permanent job due to her educational background - Mi-Ri only has a high school degree and didn't attend college. Meanwhile, Jang Myung-Hoon (Kim Seung-Woo) works for a hotel owned by his father-in-law.His wife is renown pianist Lee Gui-Yeon (Hwang Ji-Hyun).The story of Miss Ripley centered on choices people make and consequences of those choices.There were qualities such as lying, selfishness, and greed, blaming others, taking responsibility for choices, not forgiving and later forgiving in the story.