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23 May

The new proposed Rules of Professional Conduct are now before the California Supreme Court and could be passed any day.

If so, the new Rule will place a complete ban on sexual relations with a client that don’t predate the attorney-client relationship.

The Bar Board was concerned not so much with how attorneys conduct their private lives but with the loss of detachment and objectivity that can result when a lawyer manifests personal feelings for his client.

Lustful, I would recommend that if you intend on dating your client, you do it now before Rule 3-120 changes.

It became more than a business lunch – we talked about our lives, our children and our favorite movies. Under California Rule of Professional Conduct 3-120 an attorney can have sexual relations with a client.

I work long hours, especially during trial, and I don’t have much of a chance of meeting single men outside of the office.I testified at the Rule Commission hearings in favor of that ban, only because every time I have represented a lawyer in trouble for having sex with his client it ends up being a “he said, she said” battle over whether the sex was coerced, and the lawyer rarely wins.There was some concern at the hearings for the proposed Rule 3-120 about the constitutional right to privacy; our state Constitution has an explicit right to privacy and case law makes clear that sexual conduct is a private matter.She is also a lecturer of professional responsibility at U. By Mark Wiletsky Dating a client is probably never a good idea.