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31 Jan

To increase the hype surrounding this new series — which is just one of the many that have happened since Scott Peterson's conviction — a recording from a phone call in June he had with his sister-in-law was released.

He hasn't spoken out since he was sentenced to death for the murders.

It's a much tougher matchup than Peterson had on Sunday, but he'll remain in the RB1 mix. He was somewhat bottled up early in this game, but he exploded for an 18-yard run and a 16-yard run early in the second quarter to help get the offense moving and finished the first half with 79 yards on 17 carries.

He kept it going after the break, consistently grinding out positive yards and keeping the offense on schedule.

While a large chunk of the world is convinced that her killer — her husband, Scott Peterson — is behind bars where he belongs, there are some who still think the murder remains unsolved.

Though he was consistently called out for his "unemotional" and "sociopathic" behavior during the whole ordeal, discovered to be a serial cheater and had basically all the circumstantial evidence in the world pointing in his direction, Scott has still maintained his innocence.

It's been 15 years since the bodies of Laci Peterson and her unborn child washed up on the shores of the San Francisco Bay.The previous record of 36 was set by 32-year-old Jerome Bettis in 2004.Despite Peterson's monstrous Week 9 workload, coach Bruce Arians has no plans to limit his touches for Thursday's short-week matchup with the Seahawks.Peterson was even involved in the passing game, catching two passes and seeing a target split out wide.If this offense is going to survive without Carson Palmer, it will be on the back of Peterson, and the coaching staff seems to know it. We’ve just got to make sure we feed him the ball so he can get comfortable." Peterson replied, "I'm all about that." With Carson Palmer (arm) out for at least a month, the Cardinals will almost certainly rely on Peterson and the run game to minimize Drew Stanton's effect on the game.