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02 Dec

I've been trying to simplify my look and use less product since it's summer and I don't like showing up to work with half my face melted off. I applied to get on this season, but unfortunately some instances didn't lead me to get on the show.

I haven't bought any new products or sample anything special. I will reapply next summer and hope I can win half a million dollar.

I can safely say that in this moment I am the happiest and healthiest I can ever remember being.

Another month come and gone means another month of favorites.

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The last contact was me angrily telling me how horrible he was and I said I thought we hadn t tried properly, I sent a lot of psycho messages.

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My favorite current event in June has been the World Cup.

excavation grid a system of rectangular coordinates, established on the ground surface by stakes and string, which divides a site into excavation units.

It ends with the conquest and dissolution of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and its Assyrian exile, and then the conquest of the Kingdom of Judah, the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, and the Babylonian exile.

It’s a strong, special, scary yet amazing feeling and I wanted to capture that in a song.” Jackson added, “I was inspired by my most recent relationship.

When we were on our first date I could feel myself falling for her, and I wanted to remember what that felt like.