Internet dating scary unnerving

13 Jun

(Reddit user: deleted) Three years ago, Whitney Way Thore took the Internet by storm with her dance video entitled “A Fat Girl Dancing.” In it, Thore, who had been criticized harshly for her weight, set out to show that fat doesn’t equal not fit.The video took off, vaulting Thore from her job …The 2016 American Presidential election was undoubtedly one of the more polarizing ones.

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Without going into the details, through some time and events the Japanese ended up EATING those servicemen. Years later, photos of her that very much resembled her, were sent to her parents.Boulevard …It’s Canada vs the USA in this hilarious new segment on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.Going up against Canadian actor Mike Myers, decked in a red tracksuit and matching headband that reads Canada, Jimmy dressed in matching blue attire that reads USA.However, more recently, adult coloring books have really become …Jason Statham is known for his roles in popular and epic action films, and is typically seen as the go-to action guy.He’s tough, personable, and has a cool guy persona about him that makes it hard not to like him.