Internet dating business model

04 Jan

On March 10, 2015, Tinder users filed a class action lawsuit over the company’s recent announcement that it will charge a certain fee per month for subscribers to participate in its premium service, Tinder Plus.Defendants argued that they would have reconsidered downloading the application had they been aware of these additional fees.Jacqueline Kaleel – Today’s competitive and growing economy requires startups to be extra creative when coming up with a successful business plan.Some companies, however, have formed a successful business plan without a revenue model. There has to be a point in the company’s life span when profit becomes a necessity in order to continue growth.

Pro Business Plans has helped many online dating companies to create unique and fully custom business plans for investment and internal strategy.It involves having flings with multiple people with a focus on quantity rather than quality.This forward-thinking creativity has allowed Tinder to create an entirely new trend while redefining “dating”.This California based company is slowly rolling out this premium service because the company wants to make sure the pricing is correct.Because of the class action lawsuit based on the launch of Tinder Plus, Tinder has become a debated company.