Indie dating

05 Jul

Hero and Mesmer sit in the lounge, pouring themselves some whiskey and musing over their capture.

Matt suffers from comic-book writer's block and can't get over his ex-boyfriend.

Passersby took polaroids, and then posted them on the board of their choice, along with an answer to the prompt — creating one large dating profile of, well, the collective Pitchfork attendees.

And that’s where the magic happened — people not only posted honest answers to the prompts, but added their social handles for a more personal connection.

Reading the two absurdly negative reviews here I felt compelled to write a brief rebuttal.

This was hilariously funny, sharp and extremely enjoyable (yes even to non-target audience like me), and if you enjoy supporting independent film, this should be up near the top of your list to see. This is a film about a woman trying to get pregnant, for which one must (in most cases) have sex.