How to stop steam updating

13 Feb

Be careful to check the game's support website for information about deleting and reinstalling the game, and in particular look for any information about transferring any game save data from one installation to the next.

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Find them by choosing Go As a final option you can delete and reinstall the game.

When deleting the game we find it's best to use App Zapper, which clears out the main game file and also all of the supporting files.

If you're in the Mac OS X Beta Seed programme you should go back to using the regular version of OS X and see if it that helps.This will let you know if it's a problem with the game, or if it simply requires a more powerful Mac than you've got.If the game has higher system requirements than your Mac, there is little you can do but either get a better Mac or try to get a refund on the game.Maybe set up an account just for gaming and keep an eye on kids while they use it.Games, like many apps, have a cache of data that is used to speed up load times.