Hide your email dating site

15 Aug

That is to say, obscuring your email address doesn’t prevent spam, yet the tactic persists. The first is that spammers do not appear to be massively harvesting Twitter for email addresses.

(If they are, they’re not using the addresses they collect to send a lot of spam.) The second is that parsing out an email address from one of the many obscuring formulations is just as easy for software as it is for humans. If you need to give out your email address in public over the internet, just post it there.

At that rate, when I turn my spam filter back on I should expect spam from putting my email address on Twitter to reach my inbox once every 22 years.

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Strangely, it appears one of the email addresses wound up in the contacts list of a Moroccan man who then invited all of his contacts to join him on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

That address received a dozen or so emails from those services pestering me to join and reminding me of the invitation. They were not phishing attempts nor another type of malicious attack, even though they were persistent, and in French.

This can be a great was to build an online identity, but it can also make it trivial to tie our activity on various services together.

Even if your registered username isn’t immediately visible in a dating profile, it’s often visible in the URL of your profile, your profile photo filenames, or during communication with other users.

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performs a broader sweep of services for usernames only, immediately flagging services where a particular username has been registered.Given the unforgiving nature of deleting your profile, I would recommend that for a new relationship it’s probably best to hide your profile instead of deleting it immediately.Hopefully that doesn’t come off as pessimistic, but if the relationship falls apart in a week So it might seem that the only answer between hiding and deleting would be to hide the profile. I hope you’ve found what will be a wonderful relationship. While not an area where a lot of people struggle, I have seen some misconceptions about how you should handle this so I wanted to speak to handling your profile when you’re in a relationship.That said, you may be at a point so early in this new relationship that you aren’t sure what you should do about your profile. I’ll discuss this in the context of since most of the questions I get regarding removing a profile are for this service.