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Perhaps that is what the name harks back to - a is a fallacy anyway, according to Abhay Mangaldas (of Ahmedabad's superb Agashiye), who tells food writer Chitrita Banerji so in her book Eating India: Exploring the Food and Culture of the Land of Spices. "Authentic Gujarati food is not sweet at all." He suggests that this may have come about due to the preponderance of Rajasthani cooks at Gujarati restaurants, who flavoured Gujarati food with plenty of sugar; "the dominant note of a sweetness is a characteristic of the food in many parts of Rajasthan," he explains. Shri Thakker Bhojnalaya, hidden away in the tiny lanes of Kalbadevi, has been around since 1945 (with a short break around fifteen years ago, when it shut down and re-opened after a while).

The spread here is grand, with Similarly named but worlds apart, Thackers in Girgaum Chowpatty offers the bonus of a sea view from within the confines of a comfortable, air- conditioned restaurant. But Thackers had humble origins — when the company opened in 1960, its focus was on marine catering and it supplied food to the Shipping Corporation of India and Scindia Steam Navigation Company, among others.

I've probably written about this before, but one of the great joys of living in Mumbai is having on hand, a wealth of Indian cuisines to dive into whenever the mood strikes. Within even just one area in Mumbai — Fort — I can circumnavigate the country through the food on my plate.

There's Deluxe, for superb , Ideal Corner and Cafe Universal for the Irani cafe experience, Yazdani for apple pie and freshly-baked brun, Pratap Lunch Home for Crab Sukka, Trishna and Mahesh Lunch home for butter garlic squid and crab, Khyber for a regal North Indian experience, plus Pancham Puriwala for becomes a necessary element of the plate, not a mere accompaniment.

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Subsequently, a third floor was added to the hostel to provide accommodation facilities for them.

The college started offering six more languages: Marathi, Gujarati, Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew, and Portuguese.