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10 Apr

Mc Enroe told his dad about the rigors of training and was so proud when he got his green beret.

After he began serving, he rarely spoke about his work.

He liked his creature comforts, enjoyed fine clothes and, as a child, didn’t like getting his hands dirty.

“So odd when you think about what he ended up doing,” his mother said. When he was little, he spent hours building things out of Legos — his prized possessions — and he dedicated a corner of his room to his creations to make sure nothing happened to them. He could make things work.” But he was also richly diverse — a creative cook and a skilled guitar player who spoke fluent Arabic and Russian, his mother said, and was at once tough and sensitive, authoritative and warmly likable. She gave Mc Enroe a teddy bear and his roommate told Frost that the Green Beret took that stuffed animal with him on deployments.

Mc Enroe quickly realized he wasn’t ready to buckle down on his studies.

Since Mc Enroe’s death, his father has been overwhelmed with calls from men who served with his son.

“They all testify to his prowess as a soldier, an operator,” Brian Mc Enroe said.

The white markers fan out in perfect symmetry; the firing squad releases three volleys; a bugler plays “Taps.” As the band plays “America the Beautiful,” soldiers fold the flag with precision and present it to Mc Enroe’s mother. Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning kneels to console them.

Then come the members of his unit, Green Berets kneeling one by one to share in their grief. Mc Enroe was not one his parents expected would go into the rough and rigorous world of Special Forces.