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09 Jun

Jumping saddle, saddle seat browband, no helmet, slacks instead of breeches, possible paddock boots shot home through the stirrups.The horse runs out so the man rides him back to the fence so he can look at it and do it "his way" (the horse's way). Horse's head up and back, man's toes pointing straight down, hands all over the place. They never take off the second time because the man is shot in the back.Pittsburgh is too hilly and irregularly shaped for a grid to last very long anywhere, but it does have various sections that are grids.They also tried to do some numbered streets, so you can infer the direction of a numbered street or avenue if you find one of the other ones. This is a site for married or no longer married people to discuss their lives and problems.

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Then I had a look at the "Assignment Expiration Details" page (https:// and there is also a "expires (days)" column, but there it says "180" for the reserved exponents. Which one is now the right value and why do they differ? https:// https:// Usually it is because of it is still at 0.0%. But since its a manual assignment it claims the 30 days should not affect it.

I would have thought that for the very brief, nonspeaking time he was onscreen they could have cast an actual horseman.

So, TV or movie, what's the funniest/dumbest horsey scene you have seen?

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