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19 Feb

The low-profile build and useful bungee cord of the UE Roll make it a useful at-home or on-the-go audio companion, but those features alone can't make it a must-have.

It has to pump out audio that you'd expect for your money, and it does.

Yes, but it lacks some of the abilities that make its competitors easier to recommend. Actually, if not for the large stitched "plus" and "minus" symbols, you might totally mistake it for a toy frisbee made for dogs.The Roll can easily lean up against a wall, but why would you do that when it can easily wrap its cord around a post, door knob or even a shower rod?It's gloriously simple, and gives you the freedom to position the sound as you choose.But to Ultimate Ears, or UE for short, that's just playing it safe.For the last few years, UE has pioneered the art form of making Bluetooth speakers that "pop" visually and best the competition with some impressive functionality.