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30 Jun

I can't say I found this even slightly erotic - but it's certainly comic. (Although I could do without the nude males who add nothing to the mood, I realize that it is an FKK nude beach...! Who wouldn’t have been delighted to help with applying the sun-oil? From about shot 51 to about 60 Konata has her fingers on Lulu's anus. I'm sure tomorrow will be a turn for the more exciting! It is all here: two lovely young Japanese girls fully nude, showing their natural glorious beauty.I was waiting for a few little curls of pubic hair to make part of the banquet - it wouldn't have surprised me at all. But I must confess the thickets of hair put me of, personally – for one thing they are a deterrent to oral sex – all those hairs between the teeth! I simply cannot get enough of Konata's full tits.Incidentally, am I wrong, or did they have a hair-trim halfway through the film? Also love how the girls spread their legs to show proudly their full-bushed beauty!

Peter, next time you shoot Darina I'll assist for free, whatever is needed ;) She along with Ariel are the best by far!!!

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Always enjoy getting to know new people, and since i become a model i meet quite an interesting few.

I like music, going out in nature, hiking the mountains and feel the freedom.