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27 Jul

All possible requirements are already included in the text.

The whole process is based on consensus among members which at the same time becomes the driving force and strength of the final text.

Sometimes CENELEC adopts IEC Standards that are slightly modified with some specifications added for the European marketplace.

Normally, these common modifications include tougher guarantees of health and safety to be applied for the European market.

Total CENELEC Harmonized deliverables at the end of 2016 * These figures include amendments.

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Technical bodies and Manpower CENELEC standardization work is carried out in different Technical Bodies in which a wide range of interests is represented.

ACI’s European Environmental Ports Conference 2017 has now passed.

To assist manufacturers and other interested parties, the Official Journal of the European Communities provides a list of Harmonised Standards giving presumption of conformity for each Directive.

More information about the New Approach Directives and the harmonization process can be found on the European Commission DG Growth website as well as a dedicated New Approach website.