Eclipse class files not updating

01 Jun

Subversion however, assumes that a new folder has been created.

Note that this issue does not apply to moving folders to a new location where the name is the same except for capitalization.

Clearly when joining the Eclipse compiler and groovyc together, they need to be aware of each other throughout the compilation process and able to ask each other questions (most importantly: can you resolve this type? To support this approach there would likely need to be changes on both sides, to the Eclipse Compiler and to groovyc, but care would be taken to minimize these changes and hopefully the changes would be contributed back to the two compiler projects.

Once installed there are three ways to get your groove on: That’s it!

However, any change in how the compilers communicated must not affect the most important facility provided by the existing joint compilation strategy - the complete freedom it allows for referencing between types defined in the two languages.

As an example, consider these three types defined in a single project: There is no right answer for ‘what should get fully compiled first?

The initial goal has been to evolve them from where they are into a highly optimized environment for the key developer tasks of code development, building and testing.

Ideally the experience when working with mixed Groovy/Java projects should feel as good as it does for pure Java projects in Eclipse.