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04 Jun

You can add any custom CSS that you want and then click “save” for your changes to take effect.

Create a sub-theme in Drupal: If you go with Drupal, you can’t create a “child” theme, but you can create a “sub-theme”. You can apply styles to sub-themes, which will override the parent theme.

A child theme is typically a style sheet that is kept separate from the rest of your theme’s files on the web server.

You can input CSS into a child theme to customize the look of your website.

But, you will stunt the growth of your business website, if you use one of these platforms.

Considering how often Word Press, its themes and its plugins get outdated, you need to always update everything, when possible on your web server. Creating a child theme involves creating a new CSS sheet (you can use a simple text editor) and adding basic theme information (look at the picture below).

It takes years of hard work to learn, experiment and practice on the way to success.

Most of the articles that I write on my blogs are catered towards intermediate to experienced marketers and those with a business website.

Here is a complete and simple guide to creating a child theme.

Once you have a child theme, you can see it by navigating to “Appearance Editor”.