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13 Mar

Even after I finally gave in and tried to french kiss him, it was not a good kiss. I’ve never been so thankful to see a beggar in my life.There are few things that are as bad a turn off as a bad kiss. Before we went to this just friends place we’ve entered into, kissing him was probably one of the highlights of my time with him. When the little homeless woman trying to get change for a loaf of bread appeared, I was so thankful!In case you haven’t been following along, I was seeing a guy (the Artist), one whom I liked quite a bit, but about whom I had my own worries, and who likes to remind me he doesn’t find me attractive “in that way” (whatever that means). We’ve also entered into a completely 100% honesty situation, which I find very refreshing!But, we are NOT dating, much to the chagrin of my mother, who I know is ready for me to settle down and start popping out grandbabies. Give him your attention and show him that you're taking pleasure in his company. If the conversation is going well, don't cut it short.

He said he didn’t really know anything about the food here, but asked if I wanted we could get a soft drink… Why did we meet a restaurant instead of the nice coffee places that I had suggested if we weren’t going to eat dinner? He seemed to be interviewing me for the position of wife: Seriously, dude? I have not thought about my dream home because I haven’t found the man with whom I want to share my future, and any home would have to be the right fit for both of us.

I thought perhaps I was being some sort of nationalist snob, as in since he was Sudanese, and English wasn’t his first language, maybe I wasn’t willing to give him a shot. If anything, I think I didn’t listen to my instincts because I didn’t want to be person. I told him I was there already, but sitting in the car talking to my brother, so “call or text when you get here.” Twenty five minutes later he called to ask if I was in the restaurant. ” like he couldn’t believe that I’d sat in my car for half an hour or more, but the “what? And so my concerns about the language barrier were confirmed…

I told him I was out in my car, like I’d told him earlier. Once in the restaurant, instead of ordering food or drink (it was a very cheap Mexican food restaurant where you order at the front like a fast food joint), he ushered me to a seat in the corner, so we could talk.

When I asked what was the plan now, since we’d been there for an hour and a half and my tummy was about to start grumbling about the lack of sustenance, he suggested a movie, but it didn’t matter which one because he wouldn’t be looking at the movie.

Instead he’d be staring at me because I was so beautiful. “Tell me about your native language.” I thought that was a safe topic. About then I decided it was time to call it an evening. which is remarkably hard to do after a man has said “I love you.” i’m a fan of kissing " data-medium-file="