Dating through college

10 Sep

But for these students, the will to survive without such conveniences may make it harder to interact in person.

Is the physical process of swiping left or right slightly addicting for students?

“Dean worked in the athletic department and I played volleyball,” Kristen said.

“He worked at my volleyball games, so we saw each other first through that, and that sparked us to talk.”The couple started dating and communicated through Facebook Messenger, but only to exchange numbers after Kristen noticed Dean “lurking” around the volleyball court.

But contrary to belief, apps haven’t led to a culture of endless hookups.

A little over 90 percent of these students said they are using Tinder and other apps for purposes other than hooking up. Well, 34 percent of those who favored Tinder said it was mostly for entertainment.

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“I usually only meet people at bars and parties, but this seemed harmless and fun.”Palmer remembers a time when his dad asked his brother about the app, saying it was “stupid,” but Palmer said if his parents or older generations grew up with cell phones and the internet, the mindset would change.He noticed the trends in online dating as a way for students to present themselves with confidence.“When we bring students in for interviews, they’re more reserved in person,” van Dulmen said.These kids aren't nearly as modern in their approach to meeting people as you might think.Of those surveyed, only four percent said they preferred to meet people using dating apps.