Dating someone better looking than you

23 Dec

I've also dated a couple girls who were fun, and kinda cute, but overweight, while I'm not.

He liked to "tease" me by saying mean things about my looks. We stayed friends for a while after wards, until one time he called me when I wasn't home and left me a message. What bothers me are the people who just assume that he'd jump at the chance of being with someone better looking than I am.Several girlfriends have been real hotties, several have been "average" (but still quite attractive) and I recall the first girl I dated in college was, in hindsight, pretty unattractive, both looks and personality. I briefly dated a girl in college who was, frankly, stunning.I don't think it was a primary issue (she had serious issues with her ex), but it did make me self-conscious, which probably didn't help.Any man I'm smitten with is drop dead gorgeous, just ask me.Seriously, I've never thought of any of the guys I've dated as less attractive than me, but I suppose a few of them were, as Audrey Levens said, less "generically" attractive, which people have occasionally (unbelievably rudely) felt the need to mention. My girlfriend of the last 9 years is, as far as I can tell, about as attractive as I am. When I was young, I dated older women, whom I was generally better-looking than.