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01 Aug

The final episodes of these two dramas brought in me the same emotions and the same respect for the main characters for similar reasons. Great historical drama but tragic ending Touched by this drama... Congratulations to Yeon Woo-Jin you're such a good actor indeed same with Park Min-Young such a pretty face and good actress. What I learned from Wikipedia about the true life of Prince Yeonsangun is stunning and appalling by modern standards. I only watched few k-dramas that was recommended by my friends. However, i accidentally came across QFSD ep3 on tv. I realized this drama is based on true story and there will be no happy ending, the Queen was executed, but the writer somehow managed to create the stupidest Prince of all times.

Many thanks to everyone: director, writer, actors, music composer, set designers, photographers. This drama keeps on giving me a heartache until the very end. Muah~ i now hate everyone who is shipping the king with chaekyung ? Same with the young actor & actress they will become good actor & actress someday. Just done watching ep14 but still I hope the ending is happy. It seemed like something was missing, like they had skipped something? I watch a lot of Korean dramas on KBSWA (in the USA). Those were days when kings had absolute power and life was cheap. Remember PDnim said: All questions will be answered.... I'm not a person who are willing to go and search for any new drama in the website either. Wasting so much time searching for a secret letter just to get revenge and because of that, triggered his mentally ill brother.

Anyway, kudos to all the casts for portraying their roles effectively.... Daekbakkk, i dont want to watch korean historical drama but that one changes my mind. They love each other but cannot live togethef in their life :(((( ^_^ just finished this drama, this drama is really worth to watch. Ending is beautiful but I felt sorry for Lee Young... This is one of the best K Drama i have ever watched for several years. The cast and writers do an amazing job of bringing history to life, however it is the knowledge that two people in our past felt this intense love that gives me goosebumps. but everone is commenting "the king and chaekyung" ¬_¬ pleaseeeeee anyone It was absolutely the best korean drama Ive seen.

The music and background adds more feels and moods of the drama... I cried like a baby for this drama, the story is really awesome and well written also love story in this drama is really inspiring. just one word who can said "wonderfull" it wasnt Best saeguk ive ever watch because Moonlovers Scarlet still most Hearbreak and cry maker, but I can take 2nd place best saeguk to my list, I love the cast, i love the soundtrack, i love the place, Fighting PD-Nim Omg this is amazing..... Two thumbs up to the director, the cast and the crew. I cried from to of the last episode, and am still trying to hold tears back. I really like Chae Kyung and Lee Yeok young cast, they are so loveable and their chemistry is daebak. He losts his mother at a very young age and his father is more caring to his lil bro instead of him. I really love his gentle side when it comes to Chae Kyung. The best sageuk if not the best k drama I've watched....beautiful heart breaking story and wonderful acting by the cast... The story that would penetrate deeply in our heart.

And also to the translators who created subtitles so well and so fast. Why can't they be happy together when the only thing that they want is to love each other. More LOVE to the cast, especially to Woo Min Couple. I prefer the historical dramas, but there are others that I have liked. woo jin sshi I'm looking forward to seeing you in kbs awards please ...... Devious orders to execute senior officials were carried out. arghh, im too emotional right now (type comments while my tears keep falling down).. what actually happen with king right now,i dont want sad ending, please.. And thanks, for every details on this kdrama, learning a lot from history.... hoping that foreign drama awards would notice this... If only he did not trust his despicable mother the Dowager Queen that much, if only he just supported his brother, he could have been the best King.

Dae Jang-geum (2003) was the first I remember seeing, after it I was hooked. Destructive, anti-social orders and physical violence by this mentally unstable king was submissively accepted under the political rules of the times. this drama is so so so good and deserves so much recognition. I know still on ep16, but this will be the BEST SAEGUK OF ALL TIME!! Shin Chaegyeong is just equally stupid, and the lady who save the Prince, she's the worst of them all. I spent the last 8 weeks feeling sorry for the King and hope he will kill the Chief Secretary Im Sahong. I would have dropped it sooner, if not for the excellent performance of Lee Dong Gun as the King.

Congratulations to all the production staff and all involved in this drama.... one of my fav drama so far Remember, this is based in history so, it happened already... The true meaning of forever: your first and last love... So freaking beautiful and anyone who has felt anything resembling their love is blessed. I personally think that they are make a greater pair than PMY and YWJ lol. He really really loves her and I feel sorry for it :( Well, over all this drama is really worth to watch. Variety of emotions you will encounter in this drama and amazing unique story that will surely captivated and retain in our hearts.

And it's on a very different era, way way different from the modern era... To be able to love a person for countless years without ever having physical connections takes so much sacrifice and dedication, and how they portrayed every aspect of this love will forever be engrained in my heart (or stick to put in my hair;) ) Just finished this drama... I usually don't like historical drama but this is superb! Great casts and story (no doubt I wish the main pair is together till tgh end but it's ok). The storyline is touching eventhough the 1st-3rd eps little bit weird.. Korean should be proud they have actor, producer, writer like them !! The best saeguk I've watched, two last episodes I was crying like a baby. Worth drama to keep,it really entertain us the viewers and I will never get tired of watching this series all over again. I never thought that the ending would be like this. I am very unsatisfied with the way this show will be ending soon.

and we're so lucky to be living in today, thou a few history repeats itself, but the modern world is luckier than the ancient era... Love all the actors and they should receive awards. Until now, i'm still so sad about this love between Yoke n Chae Kyung. Great acting great chemistry everything about this drama is so amazing... I think what makes this drama undeniably beautiful is that a lot of this actually happened in our raw, true undeniably beautiful world. ^_~ please if you are shipping (only) the Prince ^0^ and chaekyung then please tell me U_U if there is no one then i am going to let go of this drama *_* i don´t want to ....

Chae-kyung also has to cope with her understanding of the King himself whom she initially liked and tried to influence positively. A lot of good lesson to get..about trust and betrayal! the actors and actress are amazing...wishing to see them again another drama with the same cast! He looked scary and realistic many times that you wonder if he has mental issues in real life or if he was exposed to this in life. I have never been into saguek dramas, but I decided to check out this one because the history behind it all intrigued me so much. I was so touched and moved to tears when the prince gave up His throne in favor of his wife to the shocking amazement of the king. I always wish the day to wed and thurs just to watch it and luckily this drama always met my excitement this drama is spectacular..i wonder why the ratings in korea is so low.. a gem has been discovered by international audience which is Yeon Woo Jin.

But now this psychopath King who deeply fears his half-brother Lee Yeok enjoys abusing his total control over Shin Chae-Kyung's life. I can see why Director Lee Jung-sub decided to work with actress Park Min-young for a third time. The acting is phenomenal and you will understand once you see. This is a beautiful historical Korean drama well written. I was more touched when the put his head on his mother's lap and asked her questions after losing the love of his life. the actors are so amazing they portray their characters very's flawless..i love the character of the king the actor did a very excellent with the prince and chae kyung.story is so good.drama is earning good feedback worldwide just like scarlet heart ryeo that was underrated in korea but so popular and hit the storm worldwide.i defnitely recommend it.the way im not just a teenager a career woman with a child in 30's and from canada. even though it's quite upsetting that Korean audience don't appreciate this amazing drama, hope the casts won't get disheartened and keep working hard. Acting wise, the major actors did a great act suppressing and expressing their roles.

The name of the drama Queen of Seven Days already implied the how the ending of the drama gonna be! Chae-Kyung's are emotions of the highest and deepest order. i still hope for a happy ending tom on their last episode.. in fact i have already recommended it to my friends that its good. I wish it will be made into a movie but the problem is the rating is low, koreans only want light-hearted and happy ending this drama is unique in many ways. Just check Newlyweds Diaries, season one was great...,,season two will be better. was amazing they choose the right actors n actress love this drama so bad .... Koreans can only watch 1 drama at the exact time so if they are watching Ruler on MBC it's common sense that they ain't watching QFSD on KBS Suspicious Partner on SBS was also a decent drama.... The director and crew really did a good job in terms of editing, casting and wardrobe..

This historical drama reminds me of the "Great Queen Seondeok" where 선덕 also had to make a choice between leading a simple, private happy life with Kim Yushin and her obligations to her country as a ruler. The artists are all very good in portraying their roles especially Prince Yeok. Both couples have children, so it's unexpected what could happen on the show. This intense psychological drama draws on one of the darkest periods in the entire Korean history and is very well acted. I heard this drama doesn't hit the ratings in seoul. Its okay if it doesn't hit the rank but i just hope at least it will win some awards tho.