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Suffolk County District Attorney's office prosecutor Robert Biancavilla released a statement noting that Bittrolf was likely responsible for the deaths of other women, and that "There are remains of the victims at Gilgo that may be attributed to the handiwork of Mr. He also noted that there were some similarities between the murders that Bittrolff was convicted of, and some of the crime scenes at Gilgo Beach.Bittrolff was a carpenter who lived in Manorville, where the torsos of official LISK victims Jessica Taylor and "Jane Doe No. The remains were discovered roughly three miles away from Bittrolff's home.Five days later, the search for more bodies began in Nassau County.

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Some have speculated that serial killer and former Long Island resident Joel Rifkin may have been responsible for some of the older remains found in March and April 2011, as four of the victims' bodies were never found.It was around this time that Gilbert made the phone call to 911 claiming that "they were trying to kill her".However, police did not find Brewer guilty of any wrongdoing, and he was quickly cleared as a suspect. Peter Hackett Two days after Shannan Gilbert's disappearance, Shannan Gilbert's mother, Mari Gilbert, received a phone call from Dr. Hackett was an Oak Beach resident and a neighbor of Joseph Brewer at the time.A panicked 911 call from Gilbert that night revealed her saying that "they were going to kill her." On December 10, 2015, (the evening before the 5 year anniversary of the discovery of the first four sets of remains) the Suffolk County Police Department announced that the FBI had officially joined the investigation.A spokesperson for the FBI confirmed the announcement.