Dating game questions for wedding shower who is hannah simone dating

19 Aug

Selecting anonymously from a bowl or hat, the nickname is read aloud and see who can match the pet name to the person.Display and arrange childhood photos of the bride out of chronological order.When it’s time to be seated, the guests mingle until they find their match. Have the host whisper a wedding toast into the next person’s ear. Once it reaches the bride, the last person says the toast aloud to the bride.The host whispers "To happiness and health..." to the next person.If they answer right within the given time, the team gets the money/points.The first team picks the category "How They Met" and answers where the couple had their first date.

There are a lot of games out there, so it can be difficult to narrow down to the perfect ones for your party.Throughout the party, each guest has to guess what their card says based on clues guests give them.The host writes "Katie Holmes" on one of the cards and sticks it to a guest’s forehead.Create bingo cards using numbers in the squares or make it themed and use the bride’s favorite cities she’s visited. Have guests guess if the bride will guess right or wrong.Then have the bride guess his answers at the party. Each person folds the paper down after she writes a phrase, so only her line shows.