Dating for bodybulding

15 Jun

Not a good place if you are looking for a stable job.

Pros Most of the people are great and work very hard but are overshadowed by the ones that don't need a job or paycheck, show up late, or not at all.

The perks for the company as well as the New Berlin warehouse are very good.

The 10 hours work shifts are nice and having 3 days off a week makes it easier to have a life.

Cons The culture sucks, a friend recently called it "High School 2.0" and thats about right.

If you have talent and strive to make a difference, don't plan on being able to utilize your skills because the company won't.

Don't dismiss people that want to talk through their worth, sick/vacation time, or possibility of promotions.

Give guidance how on they can improve and show you want to see them succeed instead of dismissing them.

The leaders in the building are doing the best they can with what they are given but often left hanging on what the next step's a very rushed environment with most demands coming down on the leadership team.

Advice to Management Realize that everyone is a person with a life outside of working 10-12 hours a day with mandatory overtime.

Allow training and promotion opportunities for people that want to excel and stay with the company.