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13 Nov

Since the programs inception we have grown in size.

This year we hosted ninety-six 4 year colleges and universities , three 2 -year colleges, four technical schools and all five branches of the military. As part of the district wide Red Ribbon Week Campaign all students at Veterans Park School ventured outside on October 25th to plant their promise to make good choices, stay healthy and remain drug free.

Congratulations to all the performers and many thanks to Mr. Smith for their continued dedication to bringing such inspiring and fun musical experiences to the Ludlow Public Schools. A new 8th grade elective at Baird Middle School- ELA Exploration/Genius Hour - encourages self-directed projects taking students on a journey to explore and research topics that are of interest to them.

Aidan Priestly, from Dublin, said the pop star's had granted his sister's final wish and that his singing voice would have been the last thing she heard.

Speaking on Ray D'Arcy's show, he said: 'We were in this small little ICU room.

Students are working individually or in small groups of up to four, choosing a topic of interest to create a unique, final project that will inform and inspire others about their topics.

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