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14 May

Legislation was opposed by African American legislators who felt it would unfairly target blacks, and also the NRA, who felt that law-abiding, first time offenders would be unjustly caught in the same criminal net as gang members.

In October 2015, Chicago was named "America's mass shooting capital", citing 18 occasions in 2015 in which 4 or more people were shot in a single incident.

By October 2016, Chicago had already recorded 28 mass shooting incidents for the year, resulting in 12 fatalities and dozens injured.

2016's largest mass shooting event took place on October 15.

Violence in these neighborhoods has had a detrimental impact on the academic performance of children in schools, as well as a higher financial burden for school districts in need of counselors, social workers, and psychiatrists to help children cope with the violence.

In 2014, Chicago Public Schools adopted the "Safe Passage Route" program to place unarmed volunteers, police officers and firefighters along designated walking routes to provide security for children en route to school.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has unsuccessfully pushed the Illinois General Assembly for tougher sentencing guidelines for gun possession.October 2016 was the second deadliest month in 2016 with 78 homicides; more than double the 31 homicides of October 2015.On December 1, 2016, Chicago recorded its 700th homicide for the year.He replaced interim superintendent, John Escalante. According to the 2011 Homicide Report released by the Chicago Police Department, the murder clearance rate has dropped from over 70% for 1991 to under 34% for 2011. Garry Mc Carthy said a pervasive "no-snitch code" on the street remains the biggest reason more murders aren’t being solved in Chicago, adding, "We’re not doing well because we’re not getting cooperation".In 2011, 83% of murders involved a firearm, and 6.4% were the result of a stabbing.