Cancer dating taurus

23 Feb

When he returns with heavy mood and finds her partner normal without any sign of it, he may doubt if her tears were for real!Don’t get suspicious about her behaviur as it is in her basic nature – the changeable moods. Sensitive, shy, moody, sympathetic are the keywords for Cancerians. You are moody and change your moods often and frequently.

You don’t want to get hurt as you know when once hurt then it is difficult for you to come up again.

In addition, the next thing the Taurean may get upset of his woman is the shedding of big tears.

Cancerian woman may wipe off her tear as soon as her partner leaves the room and will again be busy in her work but this may upset Taurean man in his mind as he carries the things for a long.

You will like to walk down the street on full moon night with slow music.

Work makes you feel jovial as it keeps you mentally busy and the next thing you cannot do without is love.