Bloomberg excel add in not updating

16 Apr

Please follow the xlwings docs to install the xlwings addin.

Let’s start a new xlwings project by executing the following from the command prompt: Note: You don’t need to provide a Quandl API key (comes with a free account), but the number of calls will be limited, see here.

Sometimes the root-cause is obvious: you have delivered a new version, but in many cases you will hardly ever know the root-cause of this annoying situation: Windows update, Office update, quick and dirty moving/installation of the addin from a workstation to another one, bad alignment of Uranus and Jupiter…

A wealth of errors can happen, then it’s hard to have them all in mind, especially when you are in a hurry and with stress you start to get mixed up.

So to be as efficient as possible you’d better have a checklist and this is precisely what this article will be, enumerating all the errors I have encountered describing usual causes and solutions. If the error message does not inspire you or Excel crashes without notice when you call an external API from VBA (this often happens when you are using a third-party API that can evolve independently of the worksheets that use it) and you want or need to move fast you can try this as a first shot: If your Excel application is made of normal spreadsheets (XLS, XLSM…) and XLAs do not forget to update the references for all the files referencing your addin, not only the spreadsheets.

Sometimes you’re really not in luck and while you feel that a simple “unreference/rereference” could do the job Excel does not give you the opportunity to try it as it crashes before you can access the VBA editor.

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This issue can occur if the workbook is referencing the absolute path to the TLB on your development environment and you deploy the workbook as is in your production environment where the TLB will probably be in another place (typically a sub-directory of “Program Files”).

It can also occurs if you have multiple versions of your addin on the workstation. Net…) project) that contains COM types you expose through your addin API.

If you do, your add-in is installed and working properly. If this is not successful or you have no other add-ins, continue to step 7. If you have a firewall that blocks certain types of web traffic, you may need to add the Excel add-in to your list of safe applications.

If you don't see the list of user defined functions or don't see a number appear in the cell after typing the formula, continue to step 3 or the last step you completed. Did you use your email instead of your API access code? If you have other add-ins installed they could be interfering with the Intrinio add-in. Provide your IT department the following information: *The destination of the macro is: https://api.port 80* *There is no static IP address.* Once you have added the Excel add-in to your list of safe applications, repeat step 2.